Loyalty Rewards!

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If you haven’t heard, we are big with rewarding our loyal clients with perks and upgrades and below is the breakdown.

Option 1:

Prepayment of a service in larger packages or auto pay qualify for a discount to the specified service. Individuals may choose to prepay for a service such as, a color touch up, in packages of 2 or more to gain their discount. You may also choose to pay for your color touch up on a specified date, i.e every 5 weeks. Those who do not want to prepay for a package or set up auto payment , are automatically opted in for our loyalty program in Option 2 below.

Option 2:

Check your receipt for a current offer toward your next visit and join the clover program for points.

Option 3:

After your initial service make sure your Name, Number, and Email is in the system. Your return date for any particular service last on file, will determine the type of reward available to you. Ask your stylist for details!

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